The BMW M5 does 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds and it has 600 horsepower, it sounds like a supercar but actually it’s a luxury family supercar sedan. The price tag on this BMW M5 is around 120.000 Dollars.

In this article, I will show you in depth the features of the sixth generation of BMW M5 or what is called the F90 model.

The BMW M5 2018 first challenge is to provide more power from one generation to the next. New turbos, optimized cooling systems, the M5 powered by a v8 4.4 litres twin-turbo developing 600 horsepower (that is +40 hp) and 750 Nm maximum of torque from 1,800 rpm ( +70 Nm).

Before we start the review, take a look at this 4.4 litres bi-turbo V8 which bring all the 600 horsepower.



BMW M5: All-Wheel-Drive

The new BMW M5 2018 welcomes for the first time a full transmission. It thus gains both versatility and performance. However the sensations are not forgotten since this transmission is disengaged in propulsion mode, so it preserves all its historical character.


To effectively get all this power to the wheels, The M5 uses a full transmission. This is called the “M xDrive”,it hides a small function called Two Wheels Drive mode that required more than 3 years of development.

The latest BMW M5 2018 is also the first M5 generation to be offered solely with an automatic transmission, with no manual option available. The automatic gearbox is an 8-speed unit with a traditional torque converter rather than a dual clutch, like the oldest models. This new gearbox is a reference in the category for speed and smoothness of operation. The passages are more delicate at low speed. It also helps to lower consumption.


  BMW M5: The Adaptive Cruise Control Sensor

If you look down to the front bumper, you can see the adaptive cruise control sensor which all luxury cars have got it.

BMW M5 2018 The Adaptive Cruise Control Sensor

But what is special about it is that it can be heated; so if you are driving in a snow road and the ice builds up on the sensors, the car will heat the sensor to clear those things of it. So the sensors can work even in the snow.


BMW M5: Futuristic LED Headlight Technology

The M5 has the latest crazy futuristic LED headlight technology and they look really cool. When the lights are on, you can see these little rings of LED which seem to be floating in the headlight housing.

BMW M5 2018 Futuristic LED Headlight Technology

These beautiful headlights are the best in the market. If you break them by accident, you will need $8000 to replace them.

Also, the BMW M5 has parking lights. (I don’t mean the tiny lights that help you park) when you park your car, there are a set of lights you can turn on. First, you turn the lights off then you press a small button next to the steering wheel to turn on the lights on one side (both the tail light and the headlight). The theory behind the parking lights is turning the lights on, only in the side close to traffic so that the other drivers would be able to see you.


BMW M5: The Trunk

There are a lot of interesting items worth to discuss about the M5 trunk. One of these items is this little pamphlet mounted on the inside of the trunk, it shows how to open the trunk automatically and it also demonstrates how you can wave your foot under the bumper and open the trunk.


BMW M5: The Red Switches On the Steering Wheel

Let’s move inside the car, especially the red switches on the top of the steering wheel

BMW M5 2018 The Red Switches On the Steering Wheel

These are the M buttons and they are fully customizable separately for your driving modes. (gearbox shift speed, all-wheel drive, two-wheel drive, steering engine, exhaust sound and suspension).


BMW M5: The M Setup Mode

When you check the M setup mode in the infotainment system for the performance stuff and click on m X Drive, you can see that you can actually change it between all-wheel drive and two-wheel drive. In case you did not activate the M XDrive, the car will automatically switch between all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive depending on the exact situation.

BMW M5 2018 The M Setup Mode

If you are one of the purists who insist that the M5 can be driven only with rear-wheel drive, then you can make it manually and drive it all the time. But the problem is you have to turn off the traction control in order to activate this choice, which is not something I advise you to do most of the time.


BMW M5: Heads-up Display

This is the most configurable heads-up display I have ever seen. In addition to regular and “M” setting, there is also an individual heads-up display setting that allows you to customize exactly what items you would (not) like to see on the heads-up display.

BMW M5 2018 Heads-up Display

The heads-up display is also colored and of course it can be raised or lowered and rotated from side to side.


BMW M5: The Speedometer

The Speedometer in the M5, like all luxury cars, automatically detects the speed limit of the road that you are on. In addition, there is a setting you can turn on to activate a little red area which appears between the speed limit and the speed you’re travelling. If you are speeding, a little red area will show up in the speedometer to give you information about your speed, which is actually a kind of a cool feature.

BMW M5 2018 The Speedometer


BMW M5: The Gear Level

BMW M5 2018 The Gear Level

The gear level in the M5 has got two unusual buttons on the top. They are not buttons to put the M5 in gear or parking modes. They are instead buttons that control how fast the gear shifts between speeds. They have got three levels; from one, which is the slowest, all the way to three, which is the fastest.


BMW M5: Dynamic Selector Buttons

Dynamic selector buttons in the M5 let you easily switch between sport and comfort mode for your steering, acceleration and suspension.

BMW M5 2018 Dynamic Selector Buttons


BMW M5: the exhaust button

In the M5, you can make the exhaust sound nice and powerful, or you can turn it off and it will sound normal.

BMW M5 2018 the exhaust button

Listen to the exhaust sound with exhaust button off:

Now listen to the exhaust with the button on:

As you can hear, there’s a pretty substantial difference between the two sounds. One kind of cool thing about this M5 exhaust system, is that it defaults to “on” every time you start the car because this is a BMW M car not some boring quiet luxury car.


BMW M5: The Camera System

The camera system in the M is the craziest I have ever seen, it’s the same camera system in the BMW M 760 and the Rolls-Royce Phantom which uses BMW technology.

BMW M5 2018 The Camera System

The M camera system can show you everything around the car with precision. To move the camera around the car, all you have to do is moving your fingers in any direction and the camera will follow them.

Another cool feature about the M camera system, is that it can show you exactly where the doors should be opened, so when you open the door, you won’t hit anything; which is really a good idea.


BMW M5: The Gesture Control

The M5 has got sensors and cameras inside to identify the gestures of the passengers. For example, you can turn up and down the stereo just by moving your finger in a circular motion.

BMW M5 2018 The Gesture Control


BMW M5: Safety Technology

In the dashboard, there is a button -next to the hazard lights- that shows a car with a circle around it.

BMW M5 2018 Safety Technology

This button controls all your safety technology. As you press it, a lot of safety configurable features will show up in the infotainment system.


 BMW M5: The seats

The M5 seats have some cool features worth to discuss. When you reach over the controls of the seat in order to move it forward or backwards, it moves like a normal seat. Moreover, the infotainment screen shows you exactly the position of your seat.

BMW M5 2018 The seats

Another nice feature about the seats is that if you just touch the control buttons, the infotainment screen will show you which button you are touching. I guess the theory behind this feature is that people got mad as they couldn’t see which buttons they were touching.

Also, when you approach the car at night the M5 logo in the seats lights up to remind you that this is a BMW M5 and not some normal car.


BMW M5: The Speakers

The M5 has the optional Bowers and Wilkins sound systems, the speakers are very cool with the metal look and with some little light inside it which appears to be like a cyclone especially in the dark.

BMW M5 2018 The Speakers


BMW M5: The Climate Controls

The climate controls in the M5 look like buttons but actually, it’s a touchscreen.

BMW M5 2018 The Climate Controls

All the M5 seats and even the steering wheel are heated and cooled automatically or manually.

In addition, you can check the infotainment system to set a temperature at which you want any seat to be heated or cooled.

So in the M5 you don’t have to waste your precious time pressing a button when you feel cold, the car will simply warm you up.


BMW M5: The Preset Buttons

The regular radio preset buttons in many cars are the same, but the M5 takes it one step further. It allows you to configure the preset buttons from one to seven to do basically anything you want in the car.


BMW M5: Connected

It’s almost incredible how the M5 makes you feel connected while you are in the move. For example, not only will the M5 display the weather in your local community but it will also show you the weather anywhere in the world.

BMW M5 2018 Connected

The M5 has a lot of applications like the news app that can present various information, but why read when you can just listen.

There is also another app called Wiki Local that tells various interesting facts and information (presumably from Wikipedia) about nearby points of interest. Once again you don’t have to busy yourself with reading, it will read the Wikipedia article for you.


BMW M5: The Speed Warning

There are a lot of interesting infotainment system items, one of them is the speed warning. You can set a speed warning to let you know if you’re going over a certain speed. Still, the weird thing about the speed warning in this M5 is that you can select any speed from 4 mph all the way to 200mph. (who will set a speed warning for 4mph and why 200mph?! considering that this car can’t reach 200mph).


BMW M5: The Bowers & Wilkins Tone Profiles

Another item I like in the infotainment system is the Bowers & Wilkins tone profiles. You can choose between five different tone profiles depending on how you like your music to be delivered. For example, there’s a Movie Theater set up optimized for movie playback similar to the real one. There is also a Concert amazing tone setting like the acoustic experience in a large concert hall.

BMW M5 The Bowers & Wilkins Tone Profiles


BMW M5: The Navigation System

There are some interesting items in the navigation system settings menu. For instance, you can configure the navigation system to show you all the traffic lights along your route; which is something I think everybody would prefer, as you can see everything in the M5 is configurable.

BMW M5 The navigation System

In addition to that, there is an incredible feature about route settings that you can configure depending on your toll pass. If you inform your M5 that you have only cash and that you are coming up on a highway exit which takes only a toll pass, it will reroute you. You will not thus go down that exit, which is just incredible!



So this is the BMW M5 2018. The fastest and most powerful sedan in BMW’s history or at least it will be until the M5 competition comes out soon with extra horsepower. I will miss the manual transmission for sure, but going from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds makes it a lot easier to forget about.


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