By now it’s common knowledge that Hailey Baldwin is engaged to Justin Bieber.

But what should we know about the Bieb’s future bride?

hailey-baldwin-and Justin-Bieber

You might be interested to learn there is more than meets the eye when it comes to this natural beauty.

She’s a Baldwin

We know this one is a no-brainer thanks to her last name, but we aren’t talking about any old Baldwin here.


Hailey Baldwin comes from a very famous Hollywood family.

In fact, her father is Stephen Baldwin, a well-known actor.

And you may have heard of her uncle, Alec Baldwin.

So it’s not hard to see where she gets all of her charisma from.


It was literally in her DNA to be famous. Her cousin Ireland Baldwin is pretty well-known as well.

Hailey Baldwin Modeling Career

When your family has Hollywood connections, you can do anything you want in showbiz. But we can’t believe Hailey Baldwin would be a model regardless of her famous papa.


The woman is drop dead gorgeous, she’s been walking the catwalk since 2014 and she was born ready for the red carpet.


She’s walked for some of the most prestigious fashion brands around, like Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, and Missoni.


And though she is busy jet-setting across the world for her work, she doesn’t consider herself a supermodel.

How she met Bieber

How exactly did these two lovebirds meet? Once again, Hailey Baldwin can thank her famous dad for something.

hailey-baldwin-and Justin-Bieber-Alec-Baldwin

Steve Baldwin actually introduced the two back in 2009. They were backstage at The Today Show, and needless to say, it was a little awkward. Hailey Baldwin was a Bieber superfan, and he was back in his hair flipping days.

We are pretty sure they had no idea what the future would hold for them.

Which just goes to show, you never know when you’ll meet your future spouse.

Dating History

Who are some of the other men she’s dated? In 2015, there were rumors Hailey Baldwin was dating Five Seconds of summer band member, Luke Hemmings.


Then in 2016, she was seen getting awfully flirty with Drake at a party.


2017 saw it’s fair share of love interest as she was linked Cameron Dallas and her BFF’s ex Jordan Clarkson.


Then it seemed like she found the one when she started dating Shawn Mendes.


But by 2018, Hailey Baldwin was deleting Shawn from her Instagram feed, and that was the end.

Starbucks Fan

While most Hollywood elites like to steer clear of corporate coffee, Hailey Baldwin doesn’t follow the pack.

hailey-baldwin-and Justin-Bieber-in-Starbucks

In fact, she’s known to be a big Starbucks fan.

If you want to order just like her, then listen up.

Apparently, her favorite Starbucks drink is a Hazelnut Frappuccino.

So go ahead and order yourself a Hazelnut Frappe and pretend like you’re engaged to Justin Bieber.

While you might not have the huge ring, at least who will have a yummy Starbucks treat.


Not only is Hailey Baldwin gorgeous and famous, but she also has some real talent.

She grew up taking ballet lessons and even studied to be a ballerina.

She trained at the American Ballet Academy every summer in her high school years.


Sadly, she had to cut her ballerina career short thanks to a foot injury.

Though she misses it terribly, she says her ballet helps her when she gets nervous before walking the catwalk.

As her mom tells her, “If she can walk on her toes for hours, she can walk three minutes down the runway”.

Hailey Baldwin Stats

Hailey Baldwin Rhode was born on November 22, 1996, in Tucson, Arizona.

She’s 5’7” and weighs 119 pounds with the measurements of 32-24-34.

She has blonde hair and hazel eyes, and she wears a size 2 in dresses.


She also wears a size 8 in women’s shoes.

While many believe she lives in Los Angeles, Hailey Baldwin actually lives in the suburbs of New York City, she was raised between Los Angeles and NYC.


Hailey Baldwin isn’t the only model in the family. Her big sister joins the ranks as a model in the prestigious family as well. Alaia Baldwin is older than Haley by three years.


They have the same parents, but these two couldn’t look or be more different.


She has long dark hair and features and prefers to stay away from the spotlight.


She has also been noted saying that she doesn’t wish to compete with her little sister.

Screen Time

While she might be famous for her modeling career, Hailey Baldwin is getting some major face time on the small screen.


She is the co-host of James Cordon’s drop the mic.

She’s shown to have some pretty impressive hosting skills too. She has to ad-lib one-liners, and that’s no easy feat.


It also seems like her time in front of the camera is spring boarding a career in acting.

Considering who her family is, it wouldn’t be very shocking if she’s a natural actress.


We would love to see her flex her acting muscles in some Justin Bieber videos, wouldn’t you?

Zodiac Sign

We have already talked about Hailey Baldwin’s stats, so let’s dig a little deeper and look at her zodiac sign.

Since she’s born on November 22, that would make her a Sagittarius.

But because her birth date lands towards the end of this fire sign, she is on the Scorpio cusp.

The good news is, she’s a perfect match for her water sign husband-to-be.

According to meteorologists, Sagittarius and Pisces are a match made in heaven.


We guess only time will tell if this is true or not, but we can’t wait to see what is next for these two.


Thanks to her famous family, Hailey Baldwin has no shortage of Hollywood celebrity friends.

In fact, she’s been friends with one of the most famous Hollywood families around, the Kardashians and Jenners.


We’ve seen Kylie and Kendall pop up on her Instagram a time or two.

But, she is definitely closer to the older sister Kendall. The two end up working a lot of modeling gigs together.


So, of course, they run in the same circle and are often pictured together at events.

Justin Bieber Relationship Timeline

Speaking of Justin, we are sure a lot of you want to know about this newly engaged couple’s timeline.


It seems like they really rushed into an engagement, but they have a history that might surprise you.

We already know they met in 2009. So how did that awkward encounter turn into a proposal?

hailey-baldwin-and Justin-Bieber-in-2009

It may have something to do with the fact that they are both friends with the Kardashians and Jenners.

Around 2014 they started running in the same social circle. Then December of that year, the couple had to deny dating rumors.

hailey-baldwin-and Justin-Bieber-secrets

It’s still unclear if they were ever official back then. But, in 2018 they rekindled whatever flame they had, and Justin Bieber decided it was time to put a ring on it.

She hearts NYC

Hailey Baldwin may spend a lot of time in LA, but that isn’t where the model calls home.


When she was younger, she split time between New York City and Los Angeles. But these days, her home base is in New York.

This may have something to do with the fact that a lot of her family lives in the city.


She probably wants to remain close to her father and uncle who call NYC home.

It also doesn’t hurt that the city is known for its fashion scene. And considering she’s a model, living in New York is really convenient for her career.

Video Vixen

It seems like our girl Hailey Baldwin has had some practice starring in music videos.

That’s because back in 2012, she was in Cody Simpson’s “on my mind” music video.


This video was pretty much swept under the rug, and not many people saw it. back then the pair weren’t on anyone’s radar.

But if you go back and watch the video, you will see Cody searching for the now model all over a mall.

It’s pretty funny to see how far both have come since then.


Considering she was the child of such a famous dad, you could probably understand why public schooling wasn’t the best for Hailey. Because of this, Hailey Baldwin actually attended homeschool.


She had a full plate with ballet and traveling back and forth between the coasts, so it made the most sense.


And guess who her teacher was? None other than her mother.


There is one thing Hailey Baldwin, and her hubby-to-be have in common, and that’s their love of ink.


They both have multiple tattoos, and they even got one together.

The model has 17 tats, and they all mean various things.

She has her name on her finger. She has the word “unseen” tatted on her back.


Her second tattoo ever was a tiny heart on the back of her ankle.


And she is the word “pray” spelled out on her hands.


You can only read the word when she places her hands together as if she were praying.


Speaking of praying, did you know Hailey is pretty religious?

Many fans have speculated that it was their religion that brought Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin together.

hailey-baldwin-and Justin-Bieber-Religious

Considering she’s willing to get the word “pray” tattooed on her hands, you can bet that is something she spends time doing. Hailey Baldwin has spoken out about how she was raised in the church.

Which makes sense because her famous dad is very vocal about his faith in Christianity.

Hailey is a practising Christian, and it’s something that is very important to her.

Team Jelena

Back in the day, Hailey Baldwin was a pretty big Justin Bieber fan. So much so that she used to tweet him all the time.

hailey-baldwin-and Justin-Bieber-and-selena-gomez

If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, she even had a few comments about his relationship with Selena Gomez.

Apparently, Hailey Baldwin was a big fan of the couple, which fans adoringly called “Jelena”.


She even tweeted about how she thought their relationship was the greatest love story ever.

Her Diet

By now you know Hailey Baldwin is a really successful model and because of that, she has to take care of how she looks.


So how does she manage to look amazing all year round? it has a little bit to do with her diet.

For breakfast, she likes to have eggs her oatmeal and some sort of healthy protein, or a smoothie.

She keeps it healthy for lunch choosing either a salad, fish and veggies or a sandwich.

She does the same for dinner as she does for lunch.


But, she isn’t opposed to treating herself to dessert after a full day eating healthy.

The Proposal

It’s now a fact that Justin Bieber proposed to Hailey Baldwin. So you probably want to know how he did it, right?

According to sources, the couple was vacationing in the Bahamas when he got down on one knee. He did so in front of a crowd of people at the Baker’s bay resort they were staying at.

hailey-baldwin-and Justin-Bieber-The-Proposal

Justin popped the question while they were at a restaurant, and everyone was asked to turn off their phones.

hailey-baldwin-and Justin-Bieber-the-ring

And sources added that Hailey Baldwin was completely shocked, just like the rest of the world.

How much did you learn about Hailey Baldwin? And tell us in the comment section below and don’t forget to Share and like. Thanks for your time.



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