A farmer Saved A Small Kitten From Death But Surprisingly It Is Not A Kitten.

A fishing cat was rescued by a farmer

Sadly humans often push creatures to the verge of extinction, and some of these animals become extinct when they’re hunted for food or sport.

Also, both indirectly and directly we destroy these animals’ homes and their food supplies.

Fortunately, that is not the case with domesticated animals. Cats and dogs are the most popular pets that live in the homes with families.

When a person decides to bring a pet home, they have a few options. Some people will go to a store or a breeder to buy a pet others, choose to go to a rescue shelter.

These are places where stray or abused animals are taken in in hopes of finding somebody to adopt them.

Finally, some people bring a pet into their home after finding it outside alone and abandoned and that was the case with a family in Thailand. They were out a long day running errands and suddenly they saw an adorable tiny little kitten on the side of the road.

Well, they pulled over so that they could get a better look and according to the family it looked like the kitten was just born. In fact, it was abandoned by its mother.

Well-being the kind people they were, they decided to bring the baby kitten home where it would be safe and warm.

When they got the kitten home and looked at him closely, they began to question whether or not this was a typical house cat.

It was that moment when they discovered that the kitten rescued was not a kitten at all.

When they looked at the cat’s face paws and coat, they decided they would better make a phone call and find out what kind of cat they had found.

They contacted the wildlife friend foundation in Thailand, so the family was told that it was a baby fishing cat.

A fishing cat was rescued by a farmer

Now, this is a very rare species it’s also listed as vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red list.

When the family was told what it was, they were not all that surprised because they had some experience with this species.

The family found the mother cat. A few years earlier, the family found her while they were working in a rice field by their home.

The mother was still young at the time, so the family helped to raise her to adulthood and then they released her back into the wild.

The wildlife friend foundation rescuers believe that the mother tried to get back to the family’s home to give birth, these cats instinctively try to find a place where they feel safe before they give birth.

The rescuers believe that the mother remembered her time with the family, and knew that it would be a safe place to give birth.

When she moved her litter to a safer location though the rescuers believe she dropped one.

When the family contacted the wildlife friend foundation, one of the rescuers went to the family’s home to see if the mother would return for her baby.

Sadly though she never came back, either she didn’t realize that she had dropped one of her babies or she was afraid to leave the rest of the litter behind to go rescue it.

When the mother never returned, the wildlife friend foundation had to take the baby so that they could take care of it.

It was so small, it needed to be cared for around the clock.

They named the adorable kitten Simba and they placed him in a special incubator.

Inside, the kitten would be in the perfect environment to help him grow.

In every hour Simba was taken out of his incubator so that he could be fed with an eyedropper.

According to the wildlife friend foundation, fishing cats are at high risk of extinction they’re thought to be the most vulnerable of the small to medium sized cats in all of Southeast Asia.

A fishing cat was rescued by a farmer

This tiny kitten was lucky that the family drove by him that day and picked him up, if it weren’t for them the kitten would not have lasted very long on the side of the road.

According to the rescuers, it’s gonna be a while before the kit we will be big enough and strong enough to be released back into the wild and until then they’re going to care for him.



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