What Happened to a 4 Year Old Girl In McDonald’s Bathroom Will Shock You!!

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A Four-year-old girl rushes out of McDonald’s bathroom and her mother is horrified when she sees her daughter’s legs. Before we horrify you though, please click that share button and also subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss our future articles.

Many young children today, they like to try and do things on their own, they want to prove that they can be independent but they’re old enough to do things that their older siblings can do. And in most cases, it’s probably a good idea for parents to allow their younger children to try and do things on their own; it’s part of the growing up process.

A four-year-old girl named Kaya and her mother, Nicole, they went to McDonald’s one day for lunch. Kaya loved the restaurant because she could run around to the play area after she finished her meal.

What Happened to a 4 Year Old Girl In McDonald’s Bathroom Will Shock You!!

on this day little Kaya asked her mother if she could use the bathroom on her own, Nicole thought that it would be fine since she was standing right outside the door. Sadly, that was a huge mistake. When Tears poured down this four-year-old face as she rushed out of the McDonalds bathroom, then her mom sees something on her leg.

At first, Nicole didn’t see anything wrong with her daughter using the bathroom on her own. McDonald’s wasn’t that busy and she was goanna wait right outside the door. If her daughter needed help getting her pants off, she could call Nicole for help. And the same was true if she had trouble pulling her pants back up.

Nicole figured that since Kaya uses the bathroom at home alone all the time that she could do it herself at McDonald’s as well. Just before kaya went into the bathroom, Nicole saw two teenage girls coming out. The girls were laughing when they left the bathroom and went on their way.

Nicole didn’t think much about it at first. Kaya was in the bathroom for a few minutes when Nicole heard her daughter screaming. According to Nicole, it was not the fact that her daughter screamed that scared her, it was the way that she screamed. She knew immediately there something was seriously wrong.

When Nicole went into the bathroom, she saw her daughter standing by the toilet, and she was bleeding. Her skin was still on the toilet seat. The girls who were just in the bathroom had spread superglue all over the toilet seat. And it caused Kaya to stick to the seat and then rip the skin from her legs in order to get up.

According to Nicole, the staff at McDonald’s acted quickly to help Kaya. Not only did they help her medically but they also comforted her. As Nicole tried to calm her traumatized daughter, the manager McDonald’s contacted the police; this was something these girls should not get away with and everyone in the restaurant knew it.

According to Nicole, but those girls did was not a harmless prank. Due to their insensitivity and ignorance, her daughter was harmed physically and emotionally. According to the police, they are still trying to find the girls responsible. They are looking over the security cameras in McDonald’s to try and figure out who these girls are, and where they lived. Nicole hopes more than anybody that the girls are caught. She believes these girls need to be taught a big lesson. She doesn’t want these girls to get away with what they did.

For Nicole the hardest part was trying to explain to Kaya why the girls did what they did, she didn’t know how to explain to a four-year-old child that people can be cruel just because they think it’s funny. Nicole says that she just doesn’t understand it herself, therefore, it’s really hard for her to explain it to her daughter.

What Happened to a 4 Year Old Girl In McDonald’s Bathroom Will Shock You!!

When Nicole got home she created a post about what happened to her daughter, she wanted to warn other parents to prevent another child from being traumatized the way her daughter was. Shortly after she created the post it went viral.

When the local news saw the post, they sent a reporter to Nicole’s home to talk to her in kaya. When the news station posted the video of the interview, which quickly went viral as well. There were many comments on the post in the video encouraging kaya to be strong and not to let this horrible incident get her down.

Nicole says that Kaya is getting over it, but she says she’ll never trust Kaya to go into a public bathroom ever.

What do you think should happen if these two teen girls are caught? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to share it.


  1. What is wrong with society that we think it’s funny to do pain to one another? I can feel her pain because I broke my shoulder 2 years ago when I was homeless. I fell on dead railroad tracks and broke my shoulder. That whole year while I was recuperating from the fall I had stupid people say to me constantly that they were going to hit my shoulder. They would actually hit my shoulder and laugh about it. I even had one guy in the library grab hold of my arm and twist. I was screaming for him to stop that it hurt. Then he sat down laughing about it. He was warned by security that he will be arrested if he did it again. So Kaya, my prayers are with you and hang tough. Those girls need to be found and quickly.

    • yes, you are right. but the problem, as you said, is “What is wrong with the society that we think it’s funny to do pain to one another?” ; I need an answer to this question


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