Mara Wilson Who Played In Matilda Looks DRAMATICALLY Different Today

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The girl who starred in “Matilda” looks dramatically different today.

Do you recognize the name Mara Wilson? If not, just think of the 90s movies; like “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Matilda”.

She was the adorable little girl who starred in those movies and she became pretty famous for acting, these movies are now over 20 years old you.

Do you ever wondered what happened to little Mara? Well the girl who starred in “Matilda” and “Mrs. Doubtfire”, she looks dramatically different today.

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Mara Wilson was an adorable little girl, her cute looks and great personality got her cast in a few commercials. When Mara’s family heard about the role of Natalie Hillard in “mrs. Doubtfire”, they decided to have Mara audition for it.

When her family found out that Robin Williams, Sally Field and Pierce Brosnan were all starring in the movie, they realized that it was going to be a major production. Since Mara Wilson didn’t have much acting experience only a few commercials, they didn’t think that she would get the role. Her mother said the audition would be a fun experience for Mara and give her something for her scrapbook.

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When she was cast in the film, her family was of course thrilled and Laura did a great job in her role of Natalie on” Mrs. Doubtfire”.

the film was about a couple in the middle of a divorce, so Robin Williams character wasn’t allowed to spend as much time with his children as he wanted; so to see his kids more he had somebody help him dress up like a woman and he got a job as the family’s housekeeper. The movie came out in 1993 and got some great reviews so the world fell in love with little Mara.

In 1996 Mara starred in the movie Matilda, it was another role that she got because she was just so stinking adorable. Again it was a star-studded cast with Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman starring as her parents. Mara had the starring role as Matilda, a sweet little girl who was a genius with magical powers.

Despite the fact that her family was awful and her principal at the school was a horrible woman, Matilda was a happy child and with the help of her teacher Miss Honey she managed to find happiness. The roll shot Mara to stardom.

Mara was getting roles consistently for many years after her second movie, she starred as Susan Walker in the remake of Miracle on 34th Street in1994.  She starred in a few episodes of Melrose Place in1993 playing Nikki.

As Mara got older, her interest in acting began to fade and the job offers weren’t coming in as often. She was growing out of being that cute little girl.


When she sat down with the Today Show, she said that she knew that she was not a fit with Hollywood’s image anymore. So she chose not to get plastic surgery, instead she wanted to live in a world where she felt in control. She decided that she wanted to do her own thing for a while.

In 2005, Mara attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and graduated in 2009. She says that going to school had always been her dream, even when she was younger and working all the time.

Mara wanted to tell the story of her fame and of her growing up, so in September2016 her book “Where Am I Now?” true stories of a girl hood and accidental fame was released.


In her book, she wrote acting is fun but not worth sacrificing my life and face experiences for it. Mara grew up to be a successful well-adjusted girl, she was one of the lucky ones.

Many child stars have struggled with drug and alcohol abuse, many are never able to recover and some even die as a result of their addictions.

While Mara’s main goal is no longer acting, she is still taking jobs here and there. Many of the roles that she has taken have been voice roles for cartoons.

In 2016, she did the voice of Jill pill in “Bojack Horseman” and in 2018 she was the voice of liv of Amara in a TV series “Big Hero 6: The Series”.

Mara’s not trying to win a Golden Globe for her work, she just enjoys taking the occasional job.

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