There are so many things to love about Meghan Markle, and one of them is definitely the way she’s shaken up Buckingham Palace.

Her fashion has never really fit the mold before, but it’s starting to look a bit stale.

Has her sense of style gotten stuck in a rut?

Kate Middleton

Now, let’s talk about Meghan Markle’s wardrobe!

When it comes to being a member of the royal family, everyone knows there are a lot of rules involved.

There are social rules, like the fact that family members aren’t allowed to vote or sign autographs, but there are also simple attire-related rules as well.

In fact, one of the many reasons so many people were concerned when Meghan first started dating Harry was because of her style.


From wearing a tired pair of ripped jeans to daring to show off her legs sans-pantyhose, Meghan Markle seemed totally unwilling to adhere to the dress code.

Now, these things probably feel a bit archaic, and we admit that the royal family does style itself in a rather conservative and traditional manner.

But that’s sort of the point of being the royal family; you’re supposed to represent your country as the best of the best.

So while we may scoff at the fact that ladies are expected to only wear neutral or pink nail polish, it’s an important part of upholding the family image

At no point in her life was Meghan Markle under more scrutiny than what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life.

If it seemed like everyone you knew was watching the royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, you’re probably right.


Over 29 million people tuned in to watch across 15 different broadcast and cable television networks.

And that doesn’t include the tons of people who solely followed the action on social media.

To put that number into perspective, consider that Game of Thrones is the top show on cable right now and it averages 10 million viewers per episode.

Even big broadcast television shows such The Big Bang Theory only average about 11.5 million viewers per week!

There were, of course, many viewers who wanted to see her follow the many beloved royal wedding tradition.

From carrying a sprig of myrtle in her bouquet to donning a royal tiara, Meghan Markle did many things we would expect from a royal bride.

But of course, she did many things that went off the beaten path. This includes swapping out the traditional fruitcake for a lemon elderflower cake instead.

We know, it’s very shocking. Like most brides, we wouldn’t be surprised if the royal wedding is all Meghan has thought about since it was announced.

But now that it’s over, she has a ton of other things on her mind.

We caught her asking her new husband Harry if she was supposed to curtsy to the queen, so it seems like she might be struggling to learn all of the rules.

Not that we blame her since there are so many of them, but she seems to be having a more difficult time than her new sister-in-law Kate Middleton did.


Another area in which Kate Middleton has always excelled is in the realm of fashion.

The royal family has a lot of money, but they’re also worth a ton of money to different manufacturers.

In fact, Kate has such a high value because of something is known as the Kate Middleton effect.

Basically, as soon as the public spots her wearing something, everyone else wants one too.

Some of her favorite pieces have sold out in a few hours after she’s spotted wearing one.

When you consider the grand scale of exposure that the royal family is subjected to, you start to realize just how much this is worth in terms of Dollars.

Ever since she first got engaged to Prince William, people have wanted whatever it is Kate Middleton is wearing.

She put her now-famous wedding dress on display at Buckingham Place and it raised about $10 Million Dollars, for the royal collection and various charities.

But it seems like the Meghan Markle is a thing now as well.

Meghan Markle

According to brand finance, A London consulting firm, she’s currently worth about $212 Million because of her fashion influence.

Of course, Kate is worth about $1.6 Billion by the same logic, but she’s been involved in the royal family much longer than Meghan has.

But many analysts believe it’s only a matter of time before Meghan is more influential than Kate.

Her popularity is steadily rising, and she appeals to fans who favor more modern and trendy items.

She also plans to have children with Prince Harry, which will only increase her popularity and influence in this regard.

Now that’s she officially married to Prince Harry and the big, lavish wedding celebration is over with, you would think that Meghan would relish the time to go over her wardrobe.

After all, the more ingrained you are with the royal family the more is expected of you, and the more money you have on hand to invest in your clothing.

But to some people, it seems like Meghan is going the opposite way and in fact, her sense of style has become quite stagnant.

We definitely understand having a favorite designer or designers, but lately we’ve been seeing Meghan wearing almost nothing but Givenchy.

She’s been spotted wearing Givenchy clothes twice in four weeks, and then again for her royal ascot debut.


She appeared looking radiant in a monochrome Philip Treacy hat, a pair of Birks Pétale earrings, and predictably a black satin Givenchy clutch.

She was also adorned in Givenchy when she and Harry visited the Queen on their royal debut visit.

But is Givenchy really her favorite designer of all time, or just the one she feels comfortable with?

We don’t blame her for worrying about making missteps. With an incredibly rigid new family and millions of people watching her every move, Meghan probably feels more pressure now than ever before.

But we miss seeing the unique and sparkling style Meghan shining through, and we hope this isn’t a sign that she’s relying heavily on Givenchy instead of trying new things.

When Meghan Markle joined the royal family we were looking forward to seeing her own unique style, but it now seems like she may end up being a copy of Kate Middleton.

Meghan Markle-and-Kate-Middleton

We hope this is only a temporary thing, and that we soon see her discover her own sense of royal fashion.

Sure, we knew that she might say goodbye to her ripped jeans, but we hope that she finds a way to incorporate modern trends with royal sensibilities.

But we understand if she’s worried about getting the proper curtsy down part first.

What do you think about Meghan Markle royal style? let us know what do you think in the comment section.


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