Meghan Markle got to marry a real-life prince, but she had to give up a ton of things.


It may seem glamorous to be a duchess, but the responsibility is also confining.

We’ll tell you some of the reasons it’s clear Megan Markle is absolutely obsessed with Prince Harry.



As we said, Megan Markle got to marry her prince, but she had to give up a ton of things in order to do so.

And we’re not just talking about red nail-polish or shellfish, here. She spent years establishing herself as an actor and became a popular character on the show suits.

For this, she became the first member of the royal family to have her name submitted for an Emmy


consideration, but she walked away from her career.

She left her home, her job, and even her dog in order to marry Prince Harry.

According to Meghan, she doesn’t see it as giving things up, but rather changing her life path.

However, it’s hard to see it that way as an outside observer.



You might be thinking that joining the royal family was the only way Meghan could be with Prince Harry, but that isn’t the case.


Prince Harry has the choice of abdicating his place in line for the royal throne.

Also, consider the fact that as someone who is sixth in line, his odds of ever being king are incredibly low.

In fact, there are many instances of royal family members abdicating their claim to the throne to pursue a love interests.

King Edward VIII was determined to Wed divorcee Wallis Simpson, but various government bodies disapproved because she had been married before.

He was actually King and he stepped down because his relationship was more important.





Maybe this would all be different if Harry really wanted to be king.

Sure, the odds of him ever becoming King are incredibly low, but it’s at least possible.

However, we know Harry has zero interest in wearing the crown, and he’s made that quite clear.

He claims nobody and his family wants to be the one in charge, and they view it as a duty rather than as a goal.

It’s a big deal, and Harry considers it an important role even if he doesn’t want to be the one filling it.

Instead of giving up his right to a throne he we will never sit on, and a role he doesn’t want, Meghan was the one to give up everything for their relationship.


Body language

Especially compared to other members of the royal family, Prince Harry and Megan Marco are huge on PDA.


This is sweet to see, and gives experts the chance to analyze their body language and get clues about their relationship.

It seems as if Megan is always trying to convey to Harry that she loves him.

She’s always rubbing his arm, and clutching his hands and gestures of reassurance.

Considering the fact that he’s a member of the royal family, it’s sort of strange that she’s the one giving so much reassurance to her partner.


At one point in their relationship, Prince Harry remarked that she looked forward to his family being the one that Meghan never had.

Understandably, her biological family took issue with this statement, and that’s a fair concern.


Or it is until you realize that her family has more than its fair share of issues.

Megan is close to her mother, Doria Ragland, but her half-siblings on her father’s side caused her no end of trouble.


Samantha and Thomas Jr. are constantly running to the tabloids and trying to make a quick buck off their relationship with Megan.

It’s easy to see why Meghan is not only in love with Harry, but in love with the idea of having a much more stable family.



Our relationships with our family can set the stage for our romantic relationships later on.

Sadly the relationship between Meghan Markle and her father, Thomas Markel, has been strained to say the least.

Although Meghan claims to have always loved her father, he was conspicuously absent at her wedding.


He was caught staging photos with tabloids in an effort to make some extra cash.

The situation was utterly humiliating for Meghan, but she still wanted her father by her side on her big day.

Eventually, Thomas Marco claimed to be having issues with his heart and was unable to walk her down the aisle.

Settling Down

For a long time, Prince Harry was considered the wildest member of the royal family.

He was constantly out partying, dating various women, and generally being the scandalous one in the family.


And then in his thirties he seemed ready to settle down and happened to meet Meghan Markle.

On the flip side, Meghan is a serial monogamist who has been married before.

She had established a career, a lifestyle blog, and a great life for herself.

While Prince Harry was looking to settle down, Meghan had no reason to settle at this point in her life.

We’re guessing that 100% of her decision to marry was based on how much she loves Prince Harry.

The Curse

Harry was ready to settle down, but his royal background actually worked against him.

Biographer Andrew Morton claims that many of his past girlfriends struggled in the spotlight, and his royal status is more of a curse than a blessing.

We can imagine that it’s hard to find someone willing to give up everything and spend the rest of their life in the public eye.


But then he met a woman who was used to the limelight, and realized this was his chance to have the relationship he always wanted.


There’s no denying that Meghan Markle has entered a world that is totally alien to her.

There are a ton of rules and restrictions that she now has to memorize, and she has to do so with people constantly watching her.

The person she now relies on most is her husband, Prince Harry, and in many ways he’s dependent on him.


Even something as simple as knowing the proper time to curtsy is a challenge, as Meghan learned when she attended the annual Trooping the color event.

At one point, she even had to subtly ask Prince Harry if it was the correct time to curtsey for the Queen.

Small world

According to some sources, Meghan has had a bit of trouble adjusting to her new life and the royal family.

In her past life, she could get up in the morning, hit the gym, go shopping, and maybe swing by a local cafe for some coffee.


But obviously as a member of the royal family, that isn’t an option.

Unless there’s a royal engagement scheduled, it’s hard to know what to do with yourself.

The late Princess Diana once remarked that it isn’t as if being royal comes with a manual.

It seems like the major focus and Megan’s life is her husband, Prince Harry.

What do you think of the relationship dynamic between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tell us what you think in the comments section below.


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