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A New-born Girl Was Abandoned In An Orphanage By Her Parents Because A Silver Eyes.

Nobody wants the girl with the silver eyes, until a woman sees her photo and realizes her true identity. Many people dream of having a family, some couples are lucky enough to conceive a child of their own. There are some couples though who do to medical issues are unable to conceive, so they go for adoption.

Some couples already have their children and choose to adopt a child who needs a home, rather than trying to have a second, third or fourth child on their own. That’s exactly what Eryn and Chris Austin did. However, their situation was a bit different than most; when they saw a photo of Primrose on Facebook, they knew that she belonged with them. What’s even more strange is that Primrose looked very different than most kids. She had silver eyes. Nobody wanted the girl with silver eyes, but then a woman saw some details on that photo and realized her true identity. she knew that this girl would be her daughter.

Primrose was born in China, and when she was born her biological parents saw her silver eyes immediately. When the doctors told them that their daughter was blind, they realize that they didn’t have the resources to care for her.

They did the only thing they could do, which was to bring her to an orphanage. They thought that allowing a more capable family to care for primrose was in her best interest. Unfortunately, because of her appearance; couples who are looking to adopt wouldn’t willing to take her. Some parents didn’t want to raise a child with silver eyes, because of the way people would stare and what they would think.

r Primrose | Parents Because A Silver Eyes.

Other couples, considered Primrose a special needs child and they didn’t have the desire or the resources to properly care for her. Sadly, this little girl waited and waited in the orphanage for the day that she would finally have a forever family.

Eryn and Chris thought that their family was already perfect and complete. They already had two children, and they weren’t trying to have any more. It wasn’t until Eryn was browsing on Facebook and she saw Primrose, then she realized her family was not complete. She realized that bringing this little girl with the silver eyes home will be the only way to complete their family.

Eryn says that she and Chris discussed adopting the girl for only a few minutes before they knew it would be the best thing for their family. Almost immediately afterwards, Eryn started the process of getting Primrose home. It was January two thousand sixteen when they began the adoption process. Unfortunately, since the little girl had been in China, it was going to be a while before they were able to get her to the United States.

r Primrose | Parents Because A Silver Eyes.

Eryn says that she cried during two holidays, because she knew the Primrose was in the orphanage still waiting for her. All Eryn wanted was for the little girl to come home to her family.

Well at last, the day came. Eryn and Chris flew all the way to China, to bring their daughter home. According to Eryn, Primrose fit in with her siblings right away. Shortly after getting Primrose home, the couple posted a video about their experience on Facebook. In the video, Chris says that there’s nothing scary about blindness, he says that when people hear that she’s blind, they apologize. Chris doesn’t know what they are apologizing for. Just because his daughter is blind, it doesn’t mean that her life is in anyway sad. He says that there’s something about adoption that pulls on the heartstrings, but he can’t really explain why.

r Primrose | Parents Because A Silver Eyes.

Some people explained it spiritually, that the god is trying to tell a couple that this is their daughter or son. He says that other people just have a gut feeling, the way that he and wife did.

According to Eryn, she doesn’t know why she saw Primrose’s photo on Facebook and knew right away that she would be theirs. She says that as soon as she looked into that little girl’s eyes in the photo, she knew that they belong together.

Today, the whole Austin clan is happy and healthy. Although primrose is blind, the couple says that she keeps up with their siblings with no problem at all.

Thanks to Primrose, The Austin clan finally feels complete.

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