Disturbing Animal Cruelty Video leads to Arrest A Teenager Kid

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Teen caught on camera hurling kitten into the lake and cops deliver justice.

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Some people spend way too much time on social media, it’s not uncommon for a person to log on to Facebook on their phones twenty even thirty times a day or more. In some cases, logging on that much is just a waste of time.

In other cases if logging on can ensure that justice is served, well that makes it all worth it. And that was the case with Nicole Pinheiro, she saw a teen doing something horrible; so she shared the video on social media. The teen was caught on camera hurling a tiny kitten into a lake, and then the cops showed up to deliver justice on him.

The clip is difficult for just about anybody to watch, you can see this Garratt kid holding the kitten by the scruff of his neck. Garrett was wearing gloves and he points the cat to the camera, the person behind the cameras laughing and egging him on as he throws the poor kitten in the lake. There’s no information on it where he got the kit or who it belongs to, chances are it was probably a stray who had lost his mother.

Disturbing Animal Cruelty Video leads to Arrest A Teenager Kid

The boy’s name is Garratt Haile and at the time of the video he was seventeen years old, and a student at Patterson high school.

In the video, he can be seen holding a helpless kit in his hands and then throwing it into the lake. Like many teens, he was dumb enough to post the video on social media. He posted it on Snapchat hoping that the video would disappear after a while, which is what happens on Snapchat.

But apparently, he doesn’t realize that what goes on the internet stays on the internet.

He never expected Nicole to use that screen record feature on her iPhone to capture the video and hold on to it forever. Nicole says that when she saw the video it was like her heart left her body, when her mother saw the video she burst into tears.

Disturbing Animal Cruelty Video leads to Arrest A Teenager Kid

Nicole says that she couldn’t believe what this world is coming to. When Nicole posted the video people were asking how they could share it as well, because she used the feature on her iPhone, she was the only one who could share it.

So to get the story out, she decided to share it with the local news “Good Day Sacramento”. In her post, she wrote:

“I live in Patterson, California and I have a disturbing video that was posted by our neighborhood watch. I and others believe he should be charged with animal cruelty. He just turned 18 and is a senior at Patterson high school. There’s a lot of us that believe he won’t get into trouble… this needs to go public! It breaks my heart to see this… it’s trending on our watch page right now everyone is filled with rage.”

Shortly after she posted the video to the news channels Facebook page, people who viewed it were tagging the local police department in the video. Everybody wanted justice for this little kitten. It wasn’t long before the police received a tip about who the boy was, that’s how they found out that it was Garrett.

The police went straight to his home, interview them and then arrested him for cruelty to animals which is a felony. According to the police, they’re still looking for the other person the one who was holding the camera. They say that that person is just as guilty as Garrett himself, the person holding the camera can be heard saying welcome to badass and this is the flying cat.

When the police charged Garratt, they released a statement regarding the way the boy was arrested. the officer who made the statement was Paterson police services chief Jeff Dirks, in a statement he said “this is an excellent example of the public school operation and we certainly appreciate it with calls we receive that information shared with us via social media, we were able to quickly, identify and arrest this kid”.

And obviously, he wanted attention for his cruel act and he gets it, he got attention when he was taken from his home and brought to the police station.

There are times when using social media often can help serve justice and this is one of them.

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