Some Creepy CCTV Footage Shows A Mother On The Nursery Floor

Some Creepy CCTV Footage Shows A Mother On The Nursery Floor

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Spider mom makes a name for herself. Well, “spider mom” Is there a new character in the Marvel Universe that I don’t know about spider mom?

The greatest things about the Internet, it’s how easy to share information and stories. We all watch the news and listen to the headlines around the world, and there’s no shortage of serious stories that people hear about. It’s always nice to hear about a happy human interest story making the rounds. Well, these kinds of stories that become viral for the simple reason of spreading smiles. And the camaraderie of parenting makes some funny stories involving kids.

So, here we go, without further ado, get ready to smile when you find out what happens. When a dad stops scrolling through some home security footage, when he notices his wife on the nursery floor.

When South African couple Tyrone and Karen Morris decided to host an evening with their friends, they had no idea it would end up having millions of followers and a successful blog. What starts out as a normal evening of laughter and conversation, it takes a fortuitous turn when Karen attempts to put their 15-month-old son Brody to sleep for the night. When Karen realizes this is going to be a lengthy process, she decides to sit on the floor and next to the crib so Brody can see her and know she’s there. In the hopes that the comfort this provides will relax her son, Karen remains on the floor.

Some Creepy CCTV Footage Shows A Mother On The Nursery Floor
Tyrone Morris | Facebook

Meanwhile, in the adult section of the house Tyrone and the guests are wondering what’s keeping Karen so long. when Tyrone tunes into the CCTV footage to check on the nursery room happenings, he’s puzzled to see Karen lying on the floor next to the crib, Karen had just given up on trying to leave the room as every time she stood up to leave Brody would try and do the same. It seemed as if the grown-ups were not the only ones who wanted to enjoy the party that night. Well, Karen decided to lie down maintaining eye contact with Brody, so he would see that she was still there and would remain lying down himself.

Well, as time marched on Karen faced what so many other parents faced, the dilemma of trying to get a child to sleep while returning to the alluring company of friends and adults.

As Brody had seemed to become a tiny human motion detector, Kara decided she’d have to find her way out of the room without any sudden movements to alert him to her intention to leave. While remaining in that same position of lying flat on her back and face-up, she slowly began inching her way beyond the crib and towards the door.

Well, what Karen didn’t realize was that her husband and friends were all watching this on the CCTV footage. There were fits of laughter, as her friends witnessed what Karen was doing for her child as well as for herself in an effort to escape to a night of social freedom. As Karen’s had disappeared past the crib, she was actually able to leave the room and close the door quietly behind her.

Some Creepy CCTV Footage Shows A Mother On The Nursery Floor
Tyrone Morris | Facebook

Practically, before she’d even made it back downstairs, Tyrone had already uploaded the video to Facebook to the enjoyment of all their social media friends. Within a short period of time, this video had gone viral not just amongst their own friends and family but the world at large with billions of viewers. The video became a launching point for Karen to start a blog named after the title given to her of “spider mom”, thanks to her CCTV video performance.

Well, it’s a fairly simplistic video. So, why did it become so popular? And why are you watching this video now? Well the answer is simple, the world is more in need of some light-hearted entertainment than ever before. Stories that feature experiences that many of us can share and empathize with, tend to be the most engaging and what Tyrone and Karen have learned is that parenting is hard no matter where around the globe it takes place.

Karen’s blog became a place people could share and comment on the parent’s related posts photos and videos, comments like “I know exactly how you feel” was regular on Karen’s blog that begins with the simple act of a devoted mother to calm her sleepy child.

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