Considering the fact that she was in hiding for most of it we knew very little about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy but now that baby Stormi is safely here Kylie is much more open talking about her experience.

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Will let you know how pregnancy affected Kylie’s body and changed it forever.

Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy

If you know anything about Kylie Jenner, you probably know she and her best friend Jordyn Woods are total friendship goals. So it’s no surprise she was the first person to know Kylie was pregnant.

At the time, Kylie Jenner was only twenty years old and had just taken a pregnancy test in her bathroom. After looking at the results she passed it to Jordan and a two were stunned at the positive result.

Although she was young Kylie couldn’t have been more excited at the prospect of having a child with her boyfriend Travis Scott, because her big sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian had children at that point; Kylie had always known she wanted children as well. And fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians know she had often spoke of the benefits of having them at a young age.

coincidentally her other sister Khloe Kardashian soon fell pregnant as well, the two sisters had the joy of experiencing their pregnancies together and welcoming their children in close proximity to one another.

Kylie Jenner and the rest of her family have quite the reputation for living in the public eye and this is not undeserved as the family has starred in a simply staggering number of reality shows. But Kylie decided her pregnancy was one thing she did want to share with her legions of fans.

The kardashians | The Untold Truth About The Kylie Jenner Life.

Soon the lack of Kylie on social media and in public TV Anna seemed strange, many rumors began flying around ranging from Kylie was faking her pregnancy to Kylie was a surrogate for her sister Kim Kardashian. Fans were so desperate for some news, they even mistook a random woman shopping at CBS for a pregnant Kylie Jenner, because obviously if Kylie was going to make a public appearance it would definitely be to run to the pharmacy.

Some skeptical fans even wondered if Kylie was keeping things private just to drum up more interest, if that was her goal then it definitely worked. Since the first photo of Stormi became the most liked photo on Instagram, but according to Kylie she had her own reasons for keeping quiet.

Shortly after Stormi was born she addressed her fans concerns on social, she acknowledged the lack of updates had been shocking but she needed a positive stress free and healthy pregnancy.

Later on highly elaborated about her decision, she explained that when she was pregnant she felt incredibly hormonal and all of her emotions were greatly heightened highly regarded her pregnancy as a sacred moment and admit she wasn’t ready to share it with her legions of fans.

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Although her fans were naturally disappointed by the lack of updates it’s hard to blame Kylie Jenner for wanting her privacy, but what really went on while Kylie was pregnant with her daughter Stormi.

Apparently, when Kylie first became pregnant she and Travis Scott were convinced Stormi would be a boy at first, she’s also admitted to having tons of pregnancy cravings and being devastated about not being able to eat sushi. Suddenly she found herself craving Eggo waffles for the first time and lost interest in them completely when Stormi was born.

Kylie Jenner and Stormi | The Untold Truth About The Kylie Jenner Life.

She also couldn’t get enough of in-and-out burgers for donuts as soon as she gave birth to Stormi Kylie indulged in some bread from her favorite restaurant Craig’s.

There are a lot of benefits to having a child at a young age but there are some drawbacks as well, Kim Kardashian has often stated she had trouble dealing with her body image during and after her pregnancies.

Kylie had to deal with some pretty drastic changes when she was barely out of her teenage years, she admits pregnancy completely changed her body. But she’s okay with it because of her frequent Instagram posts, people assumed she had returned to her pre-pregnancy body in no time at all. But Kylie is the first to admit that social media isn’t real life, all of her Instagram photos are carefully staged and her real life isn’t quite as perfect.

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Overall Kylie loved the experience of being pregnant and claims it was a beautiful thing, but she also admits it affected her physically emotionally and mentally.

For ages people have been accusing Kylie of undergoing plastic surgery including a breast augmentation, for a while Kylie credited her favorite Victoria’s Secret bra for her increased cup size but now claims pregnancy has changed that as well.

She admits that post pregnancy her chest is triple its previous size and is now covered in stretch marks. In addition to her chest, Kylie claims her butt thighs and the rest of her is all bigger as well.

Getting used to her new body has been a challenge for fighting, and it’s affected her style as well.

We all know Kylie is an expert at dressing in a flattering way. But now nothing in her closet fits, this means you have to undergo a major wardrobe overhaul in order to keep looking her best.

but Kylie is determined to get in shape and has announced on social media that she wants to gain some core strength back, she’s determined to work out and develop her abdominal muscles compared to the fake abs she claims to have now.

despite the challenges of dealing with a post-pregnancy body, Kylie’s morale is high it’s clear she’s over the top in love with her daughter Stormi which makes every last stretch mark worth it in her opinion.

the one part of Kylie’s body she’s always been the most self-conscious about is her lips everyone knows she eventually resorted to getting lip injections in order to make her lips look bigger, when she was pregnant with Stormi she worried her daughter would inherit her natural thin lips but Kylie says she’s delighted that her daughter didn’t inherit her least favorite physical traits.

The Untold Truth About The Kylie Jenner Life. | Hylie Jenner

There is a member of her family who has been traumatized by Kylie’s pregnancy though, and that is Khloe Kardashian. Kylie asked her to be in the delivery room, which would have been fine if Khloe wasn’t also pregnant at the time.

According to Kylie watching her deliver Stormi freaked Khloe out about giving birth to her own daughter True Thompson. But it seems these sisters have moved past that and claimed they love experiencing pregnancy together.

Can you see how different Kylie looks after having her daughter boarded Instagram have you fooled let us know what you think in the comment section

Kylie Jenner Identity Issues

Kylie’s entire life has continuously been recorded for the world to see. With little hidden from the public eye, it is no wonder that Kylie is having some identity issues as she struggles with her personal life.

Keep reading as we navigate what exactly is going on with one of the world’s youngest billionaires. Now, let’s get at the reasons why something really weird is happening with Kylie Jenner lately.

Growing up in a family with six siblings has got to be stressful enough. Add in wealth, Fame and cameras constantly rolling, and you are bound to run into some heavy family drama. While Kylie Jenner’s relationship with her fourth sisters – Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Kendall – appears to be relatively normal, sibling rivalry and jealousy is lurking just beneath the surface.

The Untold Truth About The Kylie Jenner Life. | kylie jenner and kendall jenner

Despite their close friendship on screen, Kylie Jenner admits that growing up with her full sister, Kendall, has not always been easy. Kylie confesses that she is jealous of supermodel sister Kendall. Despite being the most financially successful Kardashian – Jenner sisters, Kylie is envious of Kendall’s supermodel lifestyle. Kylie fears her time in the spotlight will be short-lived in comparison to her sister. She even admitted to wanting to “run away” from the family on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

While Kylie has worked extremely hard at maintaining her spot in the limelight, her sister Kendall has been more reserved and has chosen to focus on her modeling career instead of her reality television career. Kylie went as far as to say that she “wished she could do what Kendall does”. Implying that she wished she could have something else besides reality television as the respective identity.

Even though we think Kylie’s at the top of her game, her fear of having fame short-lived worries us. It’s a little odd that someone so incredibly successful years losing their spotlight. Kylie is so stressed out about her position and worth that she is seeing a therapist to deal with these issues. Kendall isn’t the only one who Kylie has sibling rivalry with. While Kylie may be envious of Kendall’s supermodel lifestyle, she is also constantly obsessing about her relationship with her sister Kim. There has been a costing competition between the two sisters to earn the most money.

kylie is so desperate to hold on to her spot as the top earner and the family that she worries that Kim will take her place as she becomes too busy with motherhood. With Kim looking to dethrone Kylie, it is no wonder that the relationship between the two sisters is strained. After all, who would want to constantly be looking over their shoulder to make sure their sister doesn’t surpass them?

This type of sister relationship has only alienated Kylie from Kim and added additional stress on the new mom. Not only does Kylie have an uneasy relationship with her two sisters, but her relationship with her half-brother, Rob Kardashian, has also been a rocky one. Rob Kardashian has a baby with Blac Chyna, who used to be engaged to Kylie’s ex, Tyga.

Now the whole thing is kind of complicated and super dramatic, so you would think that the siblings would want to keep everything private and under wraps. But unfortunately, that has not been the case.

Robin Kylie got into such a huge argument that Rob posted Kylie’s real telephone number online. We get it, bickering happens between siblings, but most of the time it doesn’t play out in the public eye. While Kylie has since reached out to Rob and has tried to make amends, we’re sure it couldn’t have been easy to move past a betrayal.

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Rob Kardashian isn’t the only family member that Kylie has felt betrayed by. Kylie has a stressful relationship with her father, Caitlyn Jenner. Ever since Caitlyn’s new memoir the secrets of my life has been released, Kylie has found herself in the middle of a family feud. The memoir has some pretty harsh words about Kylie’s mother, Kris. Being stuck in the middle of a family argument is never easy, but with everything being put on display in the memoir, Kylie finds herself constantly defending Kris and feels torn between her two parents.

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With added stress to an already rocky family dynamic, Kylie is barely holding on as she tries to navigate complex relationships and constant family drama. With all this, there’s still more for her to cope with. Kylie has the stress of new motherhood to add to the shaky Foundation. Kylie had her first baby, Stormi, with boyfriend and rapper, Travis Scott. While new motherhood is a wonderful time in anyone’s life, it can also add tremendous stress and uncertainty.

a fragile Kylie is feeling so overwhelmed with her new baby girl Stormi, that she has hired a full-time nanny in addition to added help from her mother, Kris. With a successful makeup business, a reality television show, and a new daughter, it is only normal that Kylie is feeling this overwhelmed. Perhaps in an effort to deal with the stress, Kylie has chosen to try to keep Stormi out of the public eye.

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Stormi’s birth was completely private and Kylie has been extremely protective with shielding her from audiences. For someone who has grown up in the spotlight, it is kind of weird that Kylie is choosing to hide away from the one thing that made her famous. With family drama consuming Kylie’s life, it is only normal for her to turn her attention to her business, Kylie cosmetics.

Kylie’s makeup business has had massive success since launched in 2015. Kylie cosmetics first gained popularity for their lip liners. Advertised on social media by Kylie Jenner herself, her lip liners were marketed as a product that would enhance small and thin lips. Although Kylie denied having lip fillers at first, she eventually admitted to getting her lips done when she was just 15 years old. A lot of people were shocked to learn that a minor had enhancements and Kris’s parenting skills came under scrutiny.

Regardless of ethics, Kylie made a fortune off of her business and became known for her enhanced lips. With her business at its peak – almost hitting a billion-dollar record in 2018 – it seems weird that Kylie would choose this moment to remove her lip fillers. Not only did she remove her lip fillers, but her Instagram feed has been bombarded with fresh-faced pictures and hardly any glamour makeup shots. Don’t get us wrong we are all for the natural look, but, it just seems weird that a beauty mogul, known for her makeup and enhanced lips, would start to market a completely different look.

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We’re not sure if Kylie is feeling overwhelmed with motherhood, family relationships or the pressure of a massively successful business, but we think Kylie must be going through some personal issue. As she fluctuates between marketing a more fresh face natural look for a company that sells makeup, is clear that Kylie seems to be confused about her brand. More so, her struggle with keeping Stormi sheltered from the public, yet at the same time worrying about losing her fame is another tell-tale sign that Kylie seems to be going through some kind of personal issues. It’s clear that Kylie is going through a weird period in her life as she tries to figure out who she is, all while the cameras are rolling.

Do you think Kylie is struggling to find her identity? Do you think motherhood is making her change her old lifestyles? let us know in the comments below


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